What is Tahoe Gives?
Tahoe Gives is a nonprofit directory, created by the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation to connect residents, donors, volunteers, and those in need, to programs and services in the Tahoe region. The directory includes the mission statement and website for each local nonprofit to help guide users and build relationships.
Why can’t I donate to a nonprofit directly from here?
The Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation believes that building relationships between donors and nonprofits is critical to both parties, allowing the connection to strengthen over time. In addition, crowdfunding and other donation platforms charge multiple layers of fees for processing donations. The Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation wants nonprofits to be able to receive the full benefit of each donation and to personally thank each and every one of their donors.
How does a nonprofit get added to Tahoe Gives?
Nonprofits listed on Tahoe Gives are 501c3 public charities in good standing that provide significant service directly to Tahoe Basin communities. For your organization to be considered for participation in the Tahoe Gives Nonprofit Directory, please complete and submit the form below.

Nonprofit Directory Participation Request Form

Please Note: Submitting a participation request does not guarantee your organization will be added to the directory.

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